DynaMo Plus


DynaMo Plus is an all-in-one handheld dynamometer and inclinometer. Compact, portable and fully wireless, the device’s modular design and range of NFC-enabled Smart Attachments allow you to perform more than 300 strength and range of motion tests.

DynaMo Plus key features include:

  • Five quick-release Smart Attachments, including a Flat Pad, Curved Pad, Palm Pad and two Tension Links.
  • An in-built OLED screen.
  • An intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Seamless data integration with VALD Hub.
Step 1: Choose your Billing Frequency:

DynaMo is available as a three year subscription term. The minimum total cost for a subscription for each DynaMo is $3,088.80 plus shipping.


per unit, per month

DynaMo Plus Expansion Package includes: Grip Strength Attachment, Ankle Strap, ROM Sleeve, Adjustable Strap Attachment, Handle Attachment, Carabiners and replaces your Small Travel Case with the Large Travel Case.

DynaMo Plus and subscription not included.

Expansion Package
Expansion Package

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The next generation dynamometer and inclinometer

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300+ strength and range of motion tests from the palm of your hand

DynaMo allows you to perform more than 300 strength and range of motion tests with ease, view results in real time and seamlessly track results over time.

With a variety of smart attachments that unlock hundreds of strength and movement assessments, the DynaMo is an innovative handheld dynamometer and inclinometer designed to suit the everyday needs of modern exercise professionals.

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Smart attachments that detect instantly

DynaMo’s smart attachments are quick and easy to attach and detach, and detect instantly when connected.

Palm Pad

Flat Pad

Curved Pad

Tension Links

Grip Strength Attachment

DynaMo uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to instantly detect
a connection, allowing you to switch effortlessly between attachments.


Adjustable ROM Strap

Ankle Attachment

Handle Attachment

Adjustable Strap Attachment


Travel Case

Dedicated Grip Strength Attachment

Fully adjustable to suit all ages and hand sizes, the Grip Strength Attachment allows you to measure grip strength precisely and view real-time results.

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See results in real time

View results immediately on the DynaMo’s in-built screen and in the DynaMo mobile app, including real-time strength and ROM read-outs and historical trends.

Save time on clinical notes with results automatically uploaded to VALD Hub. Collect data during an appointment for instant feedback and monitor progress over time.

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An extensive range of tests

Perform more than 300 strength and range of motion tests, target specific areas of the body and change your test type based on which smart attachments are connected. Enjoy the versatility of an extensive range of tests and conduct specific tests by body area or attachment.

  • Upper Body
  • Neck 
  • Shoulder 
  • Scapula 
  • Elbow 
  • Wrist
  • Lower Body
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Foot
  • Trunk
  • Thoracic
  • By Attachment
  • Push Test
  • Pull Test
  • Fixed Point Tests
  • Lower Limb/Upper
  • Attachment
  • Grip Strength


DynaMo for iOS and Android allows you to select from hundreds of test types, view information on best-practice protocols and seamlessly record data against a client’s profile.

The next generation dynamometer and inclinometer

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